Should have passed +2 with 50% Marks, Maths Biology or Pure Science group.

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We train our students with all facilities available to make them the better doctors.

Affiliated by N.E.H.M

Our institution is Authorized by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Dept. Govt. of India.
Annai Nivetha Electripathy Medical College

Make Your Medical Dream Come True

A new college was founded as ANNAI NIVETHA ELECTROPATHY MEDICAL COLLEGE at Tamilnadu. This institution has 100 acres land for higher end 1500 multispecialty hospital establishment. The administration office is at 404 - A1, KP Road, Chettikulam, Nagercoil, Tamilnadu. This institution funded by the "TRIANGLE ENGINEERING LLC - UAE for infrastructural development.

About Electropathy

Electropathy recognizes human being and plant as two complementary electronic configurations of the natural system in which, Medicine acts as a donor while human being as acceptor. Electropathy is a fifth medical system in India. Its medicines are purely herbal oriented, (spagyric essence from medical plants), which are non-toxic, non-alcoholic, harmless with no side effects besides it is very cheap and within the reach of the poor people.

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Course beginning from the month of June every year. Admissions are open only from the month of May to July of every year.






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